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Note:  Key BAP documents from this site are now available on a dedicated page on Derbyshire County Council's website. This site will close after 2017.
Lowland Derbyshire LBAP

The Lowland Derbyshire Biodiversity Action Plan covers those parts ofDerbyshire outside the area covered by the Peak District LBAP. There is no physical overlap between the two LBAPs, althoughThe Lowland Derbyshire LBAP does include the area of the county inside The National Forest.

It seeks to conserve and enhance Lowland Derbyshire's existing wildlife and to redress past losses through habitat conservation, restoration, recreation and targeted action for priority species.

It takes a new, 'landscape character' approach to encouraging and targetingbiodiversity action. The Lowland Derbyshire BAP area is divided into eight sections, called 'Action Areas'.Because each has its own characteristic and recognisable landscape, the actions needed to enhance biodiversity are common within each Action Area, but are often different from one Action Area to another. 

To further help guide ecologists, consultants and organisations wanting to carry out the most appropriate habitat improvements within a given Action Area, this newLBAP identifies which of the UK's Priority BAP Habitats are regarded as dominant features of that landscape. They are helpfully listed as 'Primary Features', 'Secondary Features' or simply as'Localised Features' within each Action Area. New habitat creation schemes would be expected to reflect the most important landscape features found within that Action Area.

This LBAP therefore contains eight sets of BAP Actions and Targets, plus one set of 'Generic Actions' which apply, irrespective of where in Lowland Derbyshire you live, work or operate. Very detailed maps of each Action Area are available below as separate downloads to the single LBAP document which contains smaller maps at lower resolution.
The 2011-2020 LBAP was launched in November 2011 at the Partnership's Annual Biodiversity Forum at the University of Derby.
Download the Plan or supporting maps.... right-click link below and choose "Save Target As", and save to your PC
Lowland Derbyshire Biodiversity Action Plan 2011-2020 (12 Mb)
Detailed Action Area Maps
 (also showing primary habitat features):
1. Magnesian Limestone Habitat Map (3 Mb)
2. Rother and Doe Lea Valley Habitat Map (4 Mb)
3. Peak Fringe Habitat Map (4 Mb)
4. Erewash Valley Habitat Map (4 Mb)
5. Claylands Habitats Map (4 Mb)
6. Derby Habitat Map (4 Mb)
7. Trent Habitat Map (4 Mb)

8. National Forest Habitat Map (4 Mb)
The Lowland Derbyshire Biodiversity Action Plan should be referenced as follows:
Lowland Derbyshire Biodiversity Partnership (2011) Lowland Derbyshire Biodiversity Action Plan [Online]
Two introductory documents are also available as User Guides to the LBAP:

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